Absolutely unique advertising concept. Automated & hands free advertising system based on gamification principles. VEUGA (Visually Engaging User Generated Ads) Network is unique because it pull traffic from high traffic authority sites to create engagement for Users by letting them play engaging & rewarding advergames.

Global Audience

Unrestricted access to global audience pool. Audience keeps on growing everyday like clockwork. Today, it’s all about connecting and engaging people in a value chain. However, engagement using traditional methods is a thing of the past. People now demand more connectivity, fun, entertainment and value to stay loyal.

Targeted Traffic

Uses pull mechanism instead of hard sell and is based on user’s own volition for buying activity which causes mass sharing. This traffic then gets distributed using our proprietary VEUGA protocol by means of VEUGA Enabled Advergames to all the participating Merchants, within the VEUGA Community. A true highly automated and leveraging system.

Max Conversions

Over 19% sales conversions due to joy of winning, fun factor and self chosen deals from the gameplay. Spot n Win! (VEUGA enabled advergame) is unique the sense that it directly accesses the core behavioral aspect of the human psyche and turns the whole experience into an act of jubilation. This guarantees maximum conversions.


VEUGA Is A New And Unique Visual Advertising Platform (VAP) That Uses Game Mechanics And Game Thinking To Create Brand Engagement
How VEUGA Network Works

About Us

The visual transformation is taking its course right now as you read this.
Our technology is about direct call-to-action in the most persuasive way possible because it’s coming straight from user’s own volition. Stay ahead of the curve.

Our revolutionary ad technology is about unveiling a living testament of transformation from old annoying and boring ads to the new VEUGA or "Visually Engaging USER Generated Ads"

We coined the term VEUGA (pronounced “View-Ga“) and pioneered the concept of “self-serving ads”


…This is such a huge jaw-dropping concept that if you understand what it really means to promote your product or service on this platform, this may give you an instant shock, or at least a shiver down the spine. Start watching your products being visually and interactively promoted in every nook and cranny of cyberspace, resulting in people’s own volition to buy, because our technology is optimized for visually engaging user generated ads that has literally no parallel.

Look around yourself. The Web has gone visual. This is the reason why sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and the likes are phenomenally successful. Now its your turn to get on to the Visual Web bandwagon. By placing your brand identity or logo on the most powerful viral marketing visual interface to date, you’re on your way to make your brand a household name in days.

Say YES to the Visual Web. The technology is here, now. Make sure you’re part of it.

  • More Engagement

    Seven Hundred Fifty Times

  • Better Than Video

    Across All Platforms

  • More Views


  • Call to Action

    More Than ANY Advertising Platform


Our First In-Game Advertising Hero

    Spot n Win! Advergame

    Spot n Win! is the next generation dynamically visual multi-brand-enabled advergame.
    Spot n Win!
    t triggered the controversial user-generated advertising revolution.

    The game is capable of driving heaps of targeted traffic as fast as the speed of light.

    For you as a business owner, this means your concern for Traffic, Acquisition, Retention and Monetization is taken care of, instantly.

    This interesting and socially viral game is designed to help people save BIG money on products that they choose to buy. Users can win unlimited promotions endlessly at one location with loads of fun, excitement and wow factor.

    A very powerful feature of Spot n Win! is that instead of trying to run after a deal, the player becomes the AUTHORITY to generate a winning free voucher of her favorite brand, just on-the-fly?

    This is set to create buzz on social media.

    How It Works…

    For the first time in the history of promotions, Spot n Win! brings a nifty and unusual concept where people not only get a deal-on-demand – but can actually and realistically SAVE BIG and EARN RECOGNITION at the cost of just spotting their favorite brand logos.

    Spot n Win! challenges people to visually search and spot a particular brand in a wide gamut of brands and causes them to think, visualize and remember the brand message for at least a minute creating uninterrupted engagement. This simple one minute magic transfer and burn the brand message to the minds of players (something that marketers crave to achieve) which is crucial in today’s over-crowded advertising world.

    It also powers up the observation ability, and control mental reflexes in the brain of its Players.

    On Spot n Win! there are hundreds of promotions posted in assorted categories being offered in real time to players. This creates a grand opportunity and a huge leverage factor for merchants by means of cross promotions and other powerful proprietary mechanisms built into the VEUGA platform.

    Spot n Win does not come under the sneaky category of those flashy advergames that big companies spend a fortune on. These games provide great visual experience to the user while pushing their brand, and hoping that SOMEDAY players will turn into buyers. But that may work SOMEDAY for major corporations since they can afford to hope and wait forever, but for the rest of us it’s probably not a good bargain.

    Talk about immediate call to action.

    At VEUGA, we’re committed to add value to the visual platform. And we strive to provide a unique experience to both Players and Advertisers that’s unparalleled and unheard in the industry.

    Spot n Win! Advergame
  • Brand Recognition

    Brand Recognition

    Constantly repeating and displaying brand logo and its message to consumers is a vital trigger for more brand recognition. The process involves smart positioning of brand messages in places where consumers hang out whether its online, on print media or at the outlets.

    Basically, brand recognition calls upon the extent to which a consumer can uniquely identify a particular product or service just by viewing the product or service’s logo, tag line, packaging or advertising campaign. It also requires the consumer to recall prior knowledge. In order to build brand recognition, an organization must repeatedly provide consumers with a consistent visual or auditory learning experience.

    Spot n Win! helps you develop, retain and boost recognition by putting together your core branding messages along with the rewards associated with your brand for the player. By instilling fun and challenge with a promise of some kind of reward in the gameplay, your brand gets reinforced again n again in the mind of the consumer where finally it gets recognized as something they trust and believe in.

    There are countless ways that can be applied towards brand recognition, but using gamification principles Spot n Win! leverages emotional responses of the consumers for the epic win of a given challenge.

    Players at Spot n Win! are glued to your brand messages not because they are being forced to do so, but due to a strong emotional bond that provides them a sense of autonomy, mastery and purpose.

    From ground up, Spot n Win! is designed to capture the player’s attention that connects her to your brand at a deep psychological and emotional level. This is achieved instantly due to an advanced form of game mechanics developed and incorporated into the system, after years of study and research in modern behavioral psychology.

    Therefore, for any given challenge players are intrinsically motivated to remember your brand message with its associated reward. This is something even beyond loyalty.

    Brand Recognition
    Brand Recognition
  • Social Proof

    social proof

    Social proof is absolutely crucial today. People love to share something remarkable, and this fact can be applied to further augment the kind of behaviors you wish to encourage on Social Media.



    “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
    George Bernard Shaw

    Smart Social Media Marketing is way more powerful and effective than clever branding. This is the reason why we provide a specific custom link to each Merchant for their brand logo which people can play for and share on Social Media and get engaged in a never ending manner.

    …And since there are over 1 billion people on Facebook alone, the opportunity is virtually unlimited for you to have brand advocates acting as powerful influencers within the VEUGA Network.

    So what is the secret of leveraging your social proof to grow your brand?

    Social influencers come in all nationalities, identities and positions. They can be celebrities, fans, customers, editors or simply hopers. They can be extremely valuable because they are trendsetters with strong opinions and personal following. A simple buzz created by these influencers can instantly turn you into a booming business, provided they have something “remarkable” to share with their tribe.

    Customer experience is the biggest driver of brand loyalty.

    However, in recent times brand loyalty is on the decline as reported by Forrester Research due to a number of inter-dependent variables. Mainly, the key variable being the new technology that lets a consumer move away from the brand faster than anyone can comprehend.

    Now imagine your brand logo being shared by influencers “challenging” other influencers in the tribe for spotting on the Play Grid. If you truly understand the meaning of this statement, you wouldn’t want to waste another minute in thinking what to do about social proof.

    We wish you success, and would like to see your brand on the Play Grid.

    social proof
    Social Proof
  • Deals on Demand

    Deals on Demand

    Spot n Win! is an interactive fun filled game that’s about spotting a product logo in a fun and challenging way. It promotes the idea of deals on demand. The game involves an advanced Dynamic Reshuffling Technology – DRT, for Advertisers and Merchants.

    Gamification is a new and unique mega-powerful concept that’s quickly integrating and replacing the online advertising landscape. And riding on top of the e-commerce wave, and integrating the new advertising craze of games we’re able to offer a nifty and powerful promotional concept called
    Deals on Demand.

    Now Advertisers can market their products in a highly fun and engaging manner using the Gamification dynamics with Spot n Win! The beauty of the game is that this new and revolutionary Gamification platform harnesses the true potential of Deals on Demand property for all the participating brands.

    …In the process, it weaves-in product offerings that triggers interactivity / fun / rewards / curiosity and earning potential – that is virtually bolted on an advanced advergaming engine.

    In addition, the game presents a wonderful opportunity for Advertisers and Merchants to happily attract buyers toward their brands and increase sales in an extremely friction-less manner. On the flip side, buyers/players gets hugely benefited by getting unlimited deals and discount offers on products they would like to buy with fun and joy of winning.

    This system of promotion has already revolutionized the way business gets promoted online, as it has passed on exceptionally greater benefits to buyers / players and Merchants / Advertisers in an interactive and relationship building manner.

    Our mission as a user and proponent of this technology is to make people exceedingly excited and happy about gaining the unlimited shopping surprises that holds the true promise of exceptional savings, fun and joy of winning on an ongoing basis.

    For Advertisers, it’s a dream come true to employ dynamic and instant responses in terms of generating business and to BURN brands in the mind of the customer.

    The technology creates a psychological bond between customer and product image demanding prolonged attention spans of the customer with strong pull appeal instead of a push strategy.

    Even the most “shopping averse” person would at least appreciate and find the offering useful if not consider as something Godsend.

    Join the revolution now before the whole world gets to know about it, and then Surprise Yourself.

    Deals on Demand
    Deals on Demand
  • Viral Traffic Tsunami

    viral traffic tsunami

    At VEUGA, we believe and support the idea that driving viral traffic tsunami should be a collective responsibility rather than an individual job to build businesses. Imagine a society where a handful people are producers while the vast majority are tire kickers.

    … Clearly, that society is destined to failure.

    For us at the VEUGA Community, the Internet is a cohesive society, and we’re he’re to help each other to drive a traffic tsunami for each of us within the VEUGA Network.

    Conversions however, is one’s own job.

    Starting with VEUGA, even conversion results in high amplitude due to the engagement factor, whether it be for newsletter subscriptions, sales or simply anything that you’d like to get results for.

    VEUGA drives Viral Traffic Tsunami or VTT, mainly.

    VTT is a kind of traffic that mainly originates from sources that have not been tapped before and are considered to be the highest converting traffic in terms of sales.

    There are only 2 challenges to any online entrepreneur, or small business.

    Traffic and Conversions.
    Traffic is the life blood of any business, while conversion serves as a jugular vein.

    Traffic Challenge #1:

    You have great product or services that you’d like to promote on the Internet, but have no means or resources to buy traffic and getting leads to your funnel?

    Millions of online marketers suffer from what’s called traffic deficiency syndrome due to which they give up on their dreams of making a successful business. That’s for the simple reason that they just don’t have the needed resources to buy traffic or skills required to keep the ball rolling.

    Traffic Challenge #2:

    People dabble with organic search, but cannot demystify its mysterious nature. And even if they do find out all the secrets and techniques of great SEO inner workings, they’re often hit by the next major algo change before they understood the previous one.

    Traffic Challenge #3

    Even if you have some disposable money to buy traffic, you’re still not sure whether that money will be used effectively on your traffic campaigns. That’s because buying traffic is one thing, and properly managing traffic is another. So you don’t know what your results would be like unless you’re skilled.

    This means you can easily spend a fortune on buying ads, but at the end of the day you’re not sure, how to track, tweak and funnel that traffic to your campaigns in order to make money.


    Welcome the VEUGA Community!

    As a VEUGA activist, you’re not only helping yourself drive massive traffic, but due to the way the network operates, you help other people along the way when it comes to getting traffic.

    The VEUGA Network is based on caring and sharing model.

    In other words, VEUGA is a network built by people for people to solve any or all traffic problems they might be experiencing. Obviously, the more you participate in the network, the more traffic you get.

    …It just doesn’t get any simpler than this. However, don’t confuse VEUGA Network with any trsaffic exchange because it’s not a traffic exchange.

    That’s why we’ve created this unique traffic movement to propel traffic from all sources on the Web, and funnel towards your website, or blog just for being a member of the VEUGA Community.

    But unlike other networks or traffic systems where you not only have to pay upfront money and then do blogging, training, merchandising or other labor intensive work, at VEUGA all you have to do is offer people a free brainy game to play.

    That’s right!

    Your only job is to put a link on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Websites etc., and invite people to play advergames.

    Relax, these are not one of those casino games, or anything similar that can be flagged inappropriate. No. These are advergames designed to engage people, and give them real deals, coupons and offers that make it sticky and engaging for hours.

    This means.. continued non-stop viral traffic tsunami towards your offerings 24x7x365.

    Gamification is on the rise on the Internet. And the top Global 2000 companies are already gearing up to introduce some sort of Gamification strategies into their marketing mix.

    Coming back to the VEUGA philosophy….

    Join the VEUGA movement today. Be a VEUGA activist before every other marketer jumps on it.

    You have a prime mover advantage here, and a new way to deal with traffic. By being a VEUGA activist, you will never ever suffer from traffic deficiency syndrome because you’re leveraging traffic.

    Take that first baby step, and join the VEUGA community by registering for our first advergame,

    Spot nWin! Beta.

    viral traffic tsunami
    Viral Traffic Tsunami
  • Traffic Generation

    traffic generation

    VEUGA is a collaborative intra-network traffic generation movement for people who can’t afford to buy costly advertising, or don’t have the necessary skills to drive traffic towards their website(s).

    If you’re trying to promote your products or services but do not have the resources to buy costly advertising, you can become a VEUGA activist and start driving traffic towards your website or blog within a few moments.

    Registration is completely free, and you can join the movement to help bring tons of traffic by participating in the movement just by letting people play games via your link.

    To become a VEUGA activist, all you have to do is register here, and put up your offer you’d like to promote.

    Once submitted, we will approve or disapprove your offer based on the criteria we have outlined in the terms of service, but generally you would want to stay away from submitting offers that can be considered superfluous, harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, profane, defamatory, libelous, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.


    The benefits of becoming a VEUGA activist.

    1. Free Targeted Traffic from across the Web
    2. The more you participate promote our advergames, the more traffic you get
    3. Help build your business by driving VTT (Viral Traffic Tsunami)n  using the spirit of fun
    4. No more buying Solo Ads, Facebook ads, PPC, PPV, PTC, Ad swaps, Joint ventures or even dabbling with mysterious SEO.
    5. Be part of the world’s most promising network that runs on the community power.

    VEUGA is UNLIKE any other traffic generation network, exchange or service in the sense that VEUGA operates on people’s own volition to watch and interact with ads instead of any push mechanism currently being used in the online advertising industry.

    What this means is, there is virtually no need to buy ads and interrupt people to show them your stuff. Rather, you allow people to come and check your offerings happily with their own interest, thereby resulting in higher conversions.

    We call it … “User-Generated Ads“.

    This is what making VEUGA the fastest growing network in the traffic community. So come join the fun, and be part of the grandest movement in the history of traffic generation.

    You have nothing to loose, and pre-qualified traffic to gain.

    traffic generation
    Traffic Generation
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Our Passionate Team

Meet The Dynamic and Passionate Team At VEUGA. Together We Live, Breath And Dream Gamification In Business
Amin Khan
Amin Khan
VEUGA Evangelist
A passionate IT professional with over 25 years of hard core experience mainly in Systems Analysis and Design and Internet Technologies. Amin is the brainchiled behind the VEUGA Network and is considered by many as one of the original thinkers on Gamification Systems. He enjoys reading books on mind sciences and are keen on helping people solve problems using the power of mind.
Javed Ghani
Javed Ghani
VEUGA Administrator
A senior IT professional with passion for Education and Retail sectors. Javed brings extensive experience in System Integration, Network Management, Disaster Recovery, Network Designing and implementations, IT Security, Technical Design Management, Information Risk Management, Systems Architecture & Design, Service Management and Project Management. Javed is also certified in MSCE NT4-2003, CCNA, CNA, Certified Linux Administrator, Juniper Internet Associate, Cisco Sale Pro.
Mohammad Yusubuddin
Mohammad Yusubuddin
VEUGA Activist
Mohammad Yusubdeen is a Networking Specialist, both in computer networking and building networks of people. He is an extra-ordinary thinker and a powerful action taker. He is the first one to support Amin on the VEUGA journey and developing system of Spot n Win! He is an avid reader and a creative individual. He shares his knowledge and expertise in day to day operations of the VEUGA Network.

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