User Metrics Gamification
The whole idea of our business was born in an instant. Let's listen to ...

Our Story

We got inspired by milliondollarhomepage – a website with pixel adverts all over the page carrying major brands and filling the 1 million pixel mark. That site got rave reviews and was really successful in capturing massive media attention.

...However, soon it fell off the charts and vanished in thin air.

Question that triggered in the mind was... “what really went wrong with it?”

So, we put our thinking cap on. After doing some initial research and brainstorming, we found the missing piece of the puzzle.

We figured quite reasonably, that there was absolutely no reason for a visitor to go back again to that website once s/he appreciate and observes what's available, and therefore the story ends there.

In case you’re curious, it severely lacked the interactivity factor.

Guess what?... We filled that vacuum.

To simplify the story, and to make the idea crystal clear in your mind, here’s our one liner:

…”If milliondollarhomepage is yesterday’s typewriter, Spot n Win! is today’s ultra fast super computer.”

Spot n Win! is the result of over 3 years of extensive research, development, and review with endless streams of creativity.

Fueled by our vision of introducing user-generated-vouchers coupled with a passion to deliver value and a deep desire to give back to the Web community our gift.

We welcome you on board to generate high ROI for your brand and an exciting new of way of connecting and engaging with your target audience and customers with a difference.