User Engagement with Gamification
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Gamified Brand Engagement

At VEUGA we believe in continuous innovation.

Ever thought about what it would be like when your prospect lives, breathe and dream about your product?

Well. You’re almost there.

For long merchants used the World Wide Web, and then the Social Web as a tool to be in contact with customers. But now the playing fields have changed for the better.

The newest kid on the block is USER ENGAGEMENT. And this takes a giant leap from Social Web to socially engaged Gamification platforms called advergames.

From the ground up, our flagship advergame "Spot n Win!" is designed to capture the Player’s attention that connects her to your brand at a deep psychological and emotional level.

This is achieved instantly due to an advanced form of game mechanics developed and incorporated into the system, after years of study and research in modern behavioral psychology.
  • Increased Attention Span
  • Unaltered Gamified Experience
  • More Receptivity
  • Instant Targeted Results
  • Integrated Model
  • Mesh Network & Collaboration

Next comes Engagement.

Today, it’s all about engagement. Gamification is a tool that achieves sustained user engagement IF done correctly. Look around yourself. How much time do you spend hanging out on Facebook, or Instagram or busy using smartphone checking apps that matter to you? Look at your kids, spouse, and other buddies that more or less busy doing something similar.

Now ask the million-dollar question, why?

One word. I-N-T-E-R-A-C-T-I-V-T-Y.

“Interactivity is a big hook,” said Van Baker, vice president of e-market intelligence at research firm Gartner. “Anything that is engaging for the consumer will make the ad more appealing by definition.

So, what's happening at VEUGA? You ask.

Well, can you think of a way that interacts and then engages your prospect to your brand for the whole ONE minute?

Actually, that’s a pipe dream for the majority of marketing managers at major corporations. Luckily, not for you. Because our gamification platform engages directly with your prospect of her own volition, which means no distraction and absolutely no friction in what she is looking for.

And since your brand is being pulled out from an active running promotion, instead of a hard push, your prospect is almost guaranteed to take action, which in business lingo can be termed as an utterly butterly old-fashioned sale.

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