Consumer Retention Redefined with Gamification using VEUGA

No more old school ...

Consumer Retention Is Redefined

Gamification combines entertainment and challenges into a valuable form of brand reinforcement for businesses. It places people into high-powered enjoyable moods that enable merchants to convey their branding and product messages instantly and effectively.

As a result, consumers are happy to spend their time in minutes (and even hours) in front of a game and act on the impulse of a marketing message which they themselves choose to see and want to remember.

In addition to brand identity, Gamification can help increase sales phenomenally. Through a direct call to action, merchants can easily help drive sales in a matter of hours.

  • Increased Attention Span
  • Unaltered Gamified Experience
  • More Receptivity
  • Instant Targeted Results
  • Integrated Model
  • Mesh Network & Collaboration

Typical Web surfing is measured in “seconds per page.” However, research shows that online players spend an average of 5 to 7 minutes on a not-so-exciting game. That is far more time than an advertiser can get with viewers with a typical 30-second TV spot or a brief Web page visit.

Here's How VEUGA Merchant gets non-stop brand exposure on using our proprietary advergame Spot n Win!

While preparing the operational and financial feasibility studies and subsequent pilot tests carried out on the Gamification aspect of Spot n Win! we have deduced the following advertising metrics and brand exposure statistics as part of the overall offering.

As the Player plays Spot n Win! for 15 minutes, the Merchant shall get the following type of measurable and powerful exposure based on average consumer product and nominal profit range.

1st Exposure – Your logo or product image will be displayed frequently on the Play Grid. Regardless of the chosen category, your logo will appear on the screen for up to 60 seconds while the Player visually scans for the Trump logo. Your logo will be seen an average of 2 to 3 times during 15 – minute game.

2nd Exposure – Your logo/image will be ‘The Trump Logo’ TWICE during 15 – Minute Game. Players will actively be looking for your logo(s) twice during 15 – minute game. Trump logo(s) are displayed up to 60 seconds on top of the Play Grid.

3rd Exposure – Another exclusive plug. On Winning Page, the merchant will again get exclusive exposure and can promote a product(s) or company as desired.

…And many more exposure(s) translating into financial gains – including:

Earning up to USD 100 Every Game:
Based on 15-minute gameplay, if a Player wins 15 vouchers, sells 4 voucher(s) in the Marketplace and redeems only 1, and spends an additional USD 100, with a 20% profit margin, the Merchant will earn up to USD 100 through Spot n Win!

Earning up to USD 15,000 Every Month:
Based on the previous scenario, 750 vouchers of a single Merchant are redeemed every month. If only 5 Players play and redeem 5 vouchers each, per day (5 Players x 5 vouchers x 30 days = 750 vouchers). Merchants will earn up to USD 15,000 through Spot n Win!

Earning up to USD 5.6 Million Every Play Grid:
Continuing with the previous scenario, a Merchant’s total revenue will come up to 5.6 million in one month alone with every Grid through (375 Logos in one grid x 5 Players choose to play per logo per day x 5 voucher redemption ratio x USD 20 extra profit per voucher x 30 days = USD 5,625,000.00).

Increasing Gross Sales by 10% Every Day
Based on 5K visitors per day and 10% new registered ones; Merchant’s sales will increase by 10% or more every day/month alone through Spot n Win!

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind, all these above financial projections are hypothetical figures, and hence given for the sake of understanding the power and reach of our Gamification platform. In reality, you can expect to get lesser or even better results.

However, your business/website’s conversion rate, offering, business/revenue model, price points, and other related factors matter too, in the whole process.

All in all, because of the viral aspect as well as the stickiness property of Spot n Win! your results will keep increasing day by day as long as your logo is housed on the Play Grid.

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