Deal on Demand at VEUGA
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Deal on Demand Rings offers an interactive fun-filled online game that’s about spotting a product logo in a fun and challenging way. The game involves an advanced REALTIME CouponGaming Technology for Advertisers.

CouponGaming is a new and unique mega-powerful concept that’s quickly integrating and replacing the online advertising landscape due to a nifty promotional concept we introduced called Deal-on-Demand.

Now Advertisers can market their products in a highly fun and engaging manner using the Gamification Dynamics with Spot n Win! The beauty of the game is that this new and revolutionary Gamification platform harnesses the true potential of Deal-on-Demand property for all the participating brands.

…In the process, it weaves in product offerings that trigger interactivity/fun/rewards/curiosity, and earning potential – that is virtually bolted on an advanced advergaming engine.
  • Increased Attention Span
  • Unaltered Gamified Experience
  • More Receptivity
  • Instant Targeted Results
  • Integrated Model
  • Mesh Network & Collaboration

In addition, the game presents a wonderful opportunity for Advertisers to happily attract buyers toward their brands and increase sales in an extremely cost-effective way. On the flip side, buyers/players get hugely benefited by getting unlimited deals and discount offers on products they would like to buy with the fun and joy of winning.

This system of promotion has already revolutionized the way business gets promoted online, as it has passed on exceptionally greater benefits to buyers/players and Merchants in an interactive and relationship-building manner.

Our mission as proponents of this technology is to make people exceedingly excited and happy about gaining unlimited shopping surprises that hold the true promise of exceptional savings, fun, and joy of winning on an ongoing basis.

For Advertisers, it’s a dream come true to employ dynamic and instant responses in terms of generating business and to BURN brands in the mind of the customer.

The technology creates a psychological bond between customer and product image demanding prolonged attention spans of the customer with strong pull appeal instead of a push strategy. Even the most “shopping averse” person would at least appreciate and find the offering useful if not considered as something Godsend.

Join the revolution now before the whole world gets to know about it, and then Surprise Yourself.

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