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Frequently Asked Questions

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As a unique cutting edge advergaming & voucher mgmt. service, we strive to simplify our offerings to our valued Advertisers and Merchants.


CPE stands for 'Cost Per Engagement' and CPR stands for 'Cost Per Redemption'. These are the advertising metrics used on the CBVoucher.com Platform managed by VEUGA.

When a User or Player at CBVoucher.com select and play for a particular brand, this is considered engagement and the Merchant for that particular brand is charged a fixed rate of $0.10 per engagement.

Similarly, when a User or Player at CBVoucher.com select, play and then redeems the voucher at the Merchant site using our API, the Merchant is charged $1 for this redemption in addition to $0.10 charged for engagement.
Merchant Wallet refers to a section of the Merchant Control Panel that maintains the overall accounts and statistical data of the CBVoucher.com Platform.

... This includes details of each and every campaign, the cost associated, timestamp, transaction type, amount available and charged with the remaining balance.
We offer a 14 day(s) trial program to test and run your promotions.

No credit card required. No obligations, no contracts and absolutely nothing whatsoever.

During this period your promotions will be live and working. Short API integration is required so that promotions can be redeemed from your end.

If for some reason after 14 day(s) trial period, you're not absolutely thrilled by the results you get, you can safely part ways with us. Your promotions will automatically be taken off the Play Grid, and you can remove the API Calls from your page(s), too.

However, if you are satisfied with the results you get, you can opt for the packages below as per your need. You basically buy Spotancy which is sort of virtual currency that you use against your exposure in the system.

NOTE: The bigger package you buy, the more you save. The following Packages are available to choose from:

Merchant Packages
VEUGA is primarily an engagement Platform using Gamification techniques for Merchants. However, it provides much more than you could expect from it as a generic platform.

At one extreme, it helps you to engage Users/Players get engaged with your brand using the offers you have as promotions while making it super easy to get more conversions using the fun factor.

On the other hand, it manages all aspects of running a loyalty program as a trusted partner and provides detailed analytics being part of the overall offering.

And thirdly, it could drive massive high-energy, pre-qualified targeted leads that are ready to buy your stuff due to a massive inner network of Merchants collaborating and driving traffic in a seamless manner.
This is a marketplace where Sellers can sell vouchers won by them, and buy vouchers won and sold by others within the CBVoucher.com User/Players community.

User/Players buy and sell vouchers using the Platform’s own virtual currency called ‘Spotancy’ which they earn by performing various activities such as spotting the correct logo, achieving certain ranks, and badges, etc., Users/Players have the full details about the type of voucher they’re buying including validity, type, brand, and other related details.
Our entire setup and Platform running on CBVoucher.com is running on the world’s most secured and most trusted server technologies from Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition, every bit of information and data goes through securely using SSL technology.


LIVE Deal on Demand is the live feed listings of deals initiated by users/Players to win certain promotions demanded by them, and allowed/created by you.

User/Players can either ‘Accept and Activate’ if they are initiating a deal or ‘Jump and Join' on the deals already initiated by some other User/Player in the system.

The deals won on these live feeds are known as ‘Authority Deals’ and are treated exclusively within the CBVoucher.com community.
Deal on Demand is a revolutionary concept pioneered by VEUGA and executed at CBVoucher.com where instead of running after a deal -- the Player/User becomes an authority to generate a winning free voucher of her favorite brand - just on-the-fly.

'Deal on Demand' in essence gives (Player/User) the power to design her own deal based on her preference and demand. However, the Player must meet the challenge set by the Merchant (YOU) to win the deal, or else she will lose certain Spotancy (Virtual Currency) she may have earned on the CBVoucher.com system.

On CBVoucher.com, we offer a unique brand-oriented game called Spot n Win!

Over there, different Merchants from around the world (currently U.S. only) using the CBVoucher.com platform let Players win and design promotions based on certain time-bound challenges. These challenges require a certain number of Players to spot a particular brand. If the challenge is met, all Players in the 'Deal on Demand' ring win the promotion, which lets them unlock a special URL that carries a hidden code with which they can redeem the offer.

Think of Deal on Demand ring as micro deals initiated by User/Player(s) governed by you (Merchants). Much like microblogs initiated by users on Twitter, Players of Spot n Win! Initiate deals within the framework set by you. Therefore, you can have hundreds of campaigns going on for different products for different lengths of time and with different variations.
Unlimited. You can create as many Deal on Demand rings as you, please. However, you should first get a taste of how it works, and learn how your prospects get engaged with your offerings.

Secondly, you must have credit in your account by purchasing one of the packages available in your Merchant Panel. But again, we suggest you understand and work with the system first before getting aggressive in creating Deal on Demand rings to make sure your campaigns remain active and profitable.
Once you log into your Merchant Panel, click on ‘Manage Product & Promotions’ link. Next, click on your Product Campaign link and you will be taken to the ‘Manage Promotions’ page, where you will see text ‘Enable Deal on Demand’ with a checkbox.

As soon as you click the checkbox, the Deal on Demand interface will get open provided you have ‘Deal on Demand’ option selected under ‘Wish / Voucher Type’ dropdown below.
Authority Deals/Vouchers are created by CBVoucher.com collaborative community of Players and Users demanding a wishful deal from Merchants. Based on the Player/User’s wish and demands about a specific deal, you as a Merchant first set a certain task (lead/sales target) for her to complete.

On successful completion of the task, the Player/Users in the ring win the deal which is fueled by a group activity, and you meet your target and win sales.
You as Merchant select the time duration and number of Players required to activate the deal. For every Deal on Demand ring, you have a time slot between 1 - 48 hours and a maximum of up to 100 Players per ring, currently.


After signing up as a VEUGA Merchant/Advertiser, you log in to your CBVoucher.com Merchant Account and make sure your Profile is complete and accurate.

Once you do that, your next step is to watch a short explainer video that details each and every aspect of campaign management and will walk you through the entire process in an easy and simplified way.
Initially, up to 10. However, the count will soon be unlocked to unlimited depending on how good a campaign is and how effectively it’s being handled by you, and the ratings you have in the system.
Currently, it’s only limited to the USA.
You can use any type of Creatives you like. However, your company logo or product images are generally a good fit for each of your campaigns.

But please keep in mind, any inappropriate or prohibited material is strictly not allowed and can result in immediate disqualification of your account and/or campaign. Please review the following page for a complete understanding.
The following 16 blocks (in pixels) is the allowed Creative dimensions you can use.

Blocks allowed: 30x30 40x30 50x30 60x30 30x40 30x50 30x60 40x40 60x40 80x40 40x60 40x80 50x50 70x50 90x50 50x70 50x90 60x60 80x60 60x80

NOTE: Please note failure to observe these sizes while adding these Creatives in the form of either logos or product images will result in campaign rejection.
We accept all major credit cards with Stripe and Paypal primarily to process payments.
Generally, it takes about 12 hours but could be delayed up to 24-48 hours depending upon the number of global requisitions.