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Frugal with VEUGA

People are getting wiser and wiser each day when it comes to spending. The mushroom growth of review and comparison sites along with coupon websites has enabled them to make informed buying decisions.

Next, the economy is not doing so well, especially after COVID-19 Pandemic and people are losing jobs due to shutdowns and the overall recession. They are forced to adopt and live a frugal lifestyle.

While there’s nothing wrong with spending and wasting less and less in a household, it matters immensely more important for people to save money for rainy days.
  • Increased Attention Span
  • Unaltered Gamified Experience
  • More Receptivity
  • Instant Targeted Results
  • Integrated Model
  • Mesh Network & Collaboration

But despite so much demand for the above mentioned websites, merchants find it difficult to offer their frugal solutions to consumers on a substantial level.

This is mainly because the majority of consumers gravitate towards the big names in the industry. For example, after Groupon and Living Social, how many daily deals sites have made it big and written history?

…Though there are countless daily deals sites on the Web now, but do you think they stand anywhere near Groupon? Of course not.

On top of that sites like Groupon and the like charge you a 50% cut of every single deal sold—not just one—no matter how many you sell.

For example, let’s say you normally charge $100 for a private Piano learning lesson. At 50% off your normal rate, you’d be offering your lessons for $50 each to Groupon buyers. But you would not make $50; you would only make $25 per lesson sold because Groupon takes half of it right off the top. If you offer riding lessons at 90% off on Groupon, you’d only be making $5 on each lesson. Insane.

Therefore, a need arises for you to look for new and advanced alternatives, capitalize on the growing demand of living frugally and engage your customers using gamification techniques and win their hearts for life.

This is where Spot n Win! comes handy. You now have a super easy solution to connect, communicate and engage your customers for what they ask for and when they ask for, using a language they understand so well.