Game Mechanics with VEUGA
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Game Mechanics with VEUGA

Game Mechanics is a technique that drives or influences a user’s behavior towards something/somewhere.

Plugging Game Mechanics isn’t about slapping some weird mumbo-jumbo on the face of game design, or applying the one-rule-fits-all solution to its interface – but it needs a carefully crafted in-game strategy that propels user motivation towards engagement and loyalty.

Granted, Spot n Win! uses basic but powerful Game Mechanics like Spotancy, badges, levels, leaderboards, etc. within its core design, in addition to certain advanced psychological triggers that create engagement, participation, and loyalty during gameplay.

…What this means is, as a Merchant you have a wonderful opportunity to bring your message in front of your target audiences hungry to act on the impulse. In your case, this means more sales or impulse buying due to the Dopamine Effect.

Spot n Win! is your powerful ally in sending you PRE-qualified leads that are laser targeted with a happy buying attitude. You need not struggle to produce any content/seo/marketing-gibberish to attract your visitors by asking them to buy something.

All you need to do is offer your visitors a free game to play. Period.

Sounds funny, right? It's true..