Health Benefits with VEUGA
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Health Benefits

When you offer to play Spot n Win! to your customers, you’re not just engaging them solely to increase your business but also helping them in maintaining a perfect mental balance and sharpening their cognitive skills.

There’s a whole study of cognitive science behind the design of Spot n Win! which deals mainly with the motor sensory activity within the brain producing happy hormones such as Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin, and Serotonin.

Research shows that our brain releases Dopamine when we approach a reward, and Serotonin when we get respect. Similarly Oxytocin gives us a good feeling when we trust, and Endorphin makes us feel good when we’re challenged.

…Now because of the precise challenge the game puts forth requiring extended attention spans and emotional intelligence, your customers get benefited health wise and develop great skills such as better IQ levels, Enhanced Memory, focused Attention and Concentration abilities, which really help people in solving day to day issues without experiencing any stress or anxiety, whatsoever.

Gamification do play an important role in the engagement process, but the design factor is pivotal. Not all games are winners but the essence of game play can be very fruitful in business processes if done right.

Our clients understand this well. They believe in the idea that fun can be very productive in the engagement and advocacy disciplines and can contribute immensely in being closer to the customer in a relationship building manner.