Instant Gratification for Players of VEUGA
Okay, okay, but what about ...

Instant Gratification

Perhaps the strongest human motivating factor is the promise of instant gratification.

…And when this factor combines with the joy of winning unlimited surprises and great promotions, no human can turn down the temptation unless you’re hermit sitting on a mountaintop.

Spot n Win! favors its players by continuously rewarding them with unlimited promotions and make them feel instantly gratified each time they win a promotion. Because all promotions on Play Grid are in realtime and validated by merchants, the player never get to see an invalid or expired offer.

Each time a player wins, she experiences instant gratification in some form or another, be it related to winning promotions or instant prizes in form of cash backs, pleasant surprises or simply redeemable gift certificates.

Since all the Spot n Win! surprises are sourced by its army of merchants, there exist an insurmountable amount of resources available for share to the players, at any given time.

The player get what she wishes to have, and the brand gets reinforced in the consumer’s mind. And due to the instant gratification experience, the consumer becomes the brand advocate and quickly influences others in her social circle of friends.