More Reasons to Shift towards Gamification
Why practically every smart company is shifting towards some form of ...

Gamified Brand Engagement Strategy

With millions of online businesses around the globe, offering the same or similar products like yours, what are the odds of your success, when;

  • There’s brutally fierce competition on the same medium i.e., Internet, TV, Mags, Mobile Apps, etc;

  • Same promotional vehicles being used (Like Search Engines, PPC, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Classified Ads, Forums Postings, TV Commercials, Radio Spots, SMS Messaging, etc.);

  • Buyers have limitless and jaw-dropping buying options that exists EVERYWHERE;

  • Every other Marketer goes overboard & offer something invaluable and unique to please his prospect.

Did you get any clue? Well, you might have guessed it.

Chances are rare that your business will thrive. It can bring you some earnings from NOTHING to an average income, a little above after paying your bills, but will never earn you a good comfortable living.

In such a baffling situation where do you stand?

Forget about all the marketing hype.

…It just doesn’t work until you know your stuff.
  • Increased Attention Span
  • Unaltered Gamified Experience
  • More Receptivity
  • Instant Targeted Results
  • Integrated Model
  • Mesh Network & Collaboration

Even if you’re doing OK with conventional advertising, you are surely missing out on something phenomenally big. So much so, that you may think you’ve been living under a rock when exposed to its potential.

But, you’re in luck today. In fact, it’s a liberation day for you.

You see, we live in the age of distraction & information overload. We’re constantly invaded by thousands of irrelevant/unwanted ads on billboards, TV, newspaper, and the Internet that robs our attention of something we hate to see.

Because of this dilemma, traditional old-school advertising no longer works as before unless you have deep pockets to run a mega media campaign, or you get lucky to get free publicity – but amid all this chaos, new interactive media is gaining ground.

The fact is we now spend less time on traditional media and more on our laptops and mobile devices. But even that too, is flooded by a plethora of amazing apps and great websites that leave little room for you to sell your berries.

Therefore, the challenge is to attract and motivate people in a way that’s both fun and rewarding, and at the same time fully engaging. Something that could make them feel exhilarated.

Something that persuades them to come to you over and over again for more. And most importantly, the customer should be willing to become your unpaid ally and influence others using her own persona in making you a trusted brand.

Pipe dream? Perhaps for your competitors. Not for you.

…But the million-dollar question is, how can you engage customers in a real dialogue?

Here’s your answer. And the answer may shock you.

It’s “Gamification“.

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