Buyers Traffic Tsunami with VEUGA
What Good Is Driving Traffic Unless It's...

Buyers Traffic Tsunami

At VEUGA, we believe and support the idea that driving viral traffic tsunami should be a collective responsibility rather than an individual job to build businesses.

Imagine a society where a handful of people are producers while the vast majority are tire kickers.

… Clearly, that society is destined to fail.

For us at the VEUGA Community, the Internet is a cohesive society, and we’re here to help each other to drive a traffic tsunami for each of us within the VEUGA Network.

Conversions, however, are one’s own job.

Starting with VEUGA, even conversion results in high amplitude due to the engagement factor, whether it be for newsletter subscriptions, sales, or simply anything that you’d like to get results for.

VEUGA drives Viral Traffic Tsunami or VTT, mainly.

VTT is a kind of traffic that mainly originates from sources that have not been tapped before and are considered to be the highest converting traffic in terms of sales.

There are only 2 challenges to any online entrepreneur or small business.

  • Increased Attention Span
  • Unaltered Gamified Experience
  • More Receptivity
  • Instant Targeted Results
  • Integrated Model
  • Mesh Network & Collaboration

Traffic and Conversions.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business, while conversion serves as a jugular vein.

Traffic Challenge #1:

You have great product or services that you’d like to promote on the Internet, but have no means or resources to buy traffic and get leads to your funnel?

Millions of online marketers suffer from what’s called traffic deficiency syndrome due to which they give up on their dreams of making a successful business. That’s for the simple reason that they just don’t have the needed resources to buy traffic or the skills required to keep the ball rolling.

Traffic Challenge #2:

People dabble with organic search, but cannot demystify its mysterious nature. And even if they do find out all the secrets and techniques of great SEO inner workings, they’re often hit by the next major algo change before they understood the previous one.

Traffic Challenge #3:

Even if you have some disposable money to buy traffic, you’re still not sure whether that money will be used effectively on your traffic campaigns. That’s because buying traffic is one thing, and properly managing traffic is another. So you don’t know what your results would be like unless you’re skilled.

This means you can easily spend a fortune on buying ads, but at the end of the day you’re not sure, how to track, tweak and funnel that traffic to your campaigns in order to make money.


Welcome the VEUGA Community!

As a VEUGA activist, you’re not only helping yourself drive massive traffic, but due to the way the network operates, you help other people along the way when it comes to getting traffic.

The VEUGA Network is based on a caring and sharing model.

In other words, VEUGA is a network built by people for people to solve any or all traffic problems they might be experiencing. Obviously, the more you participate in the network, the more traffic you get.

…It just doesn’t get any simpler than this. However, don’t confuse VEUGA Network with any traffic exchange because it’s not a traffic exchange.

That’s why we’ve created this unique traffic movement to propel traffic from all sources on the Web and funnel towards your website, or blog just for being a member of the VEUGA Community.

But unlike other networks or traffic systems where you not only have to pay upfront money and then do blogging, training, merchandising, or other labor-intensive work, at VEUGA all you have to do is offer people a free brainy game to play with an offer to redeem. Period.

That’s right!

Your only job is to put a link on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Websites, etc., and invite people to play advergames.

Relax, these are not one of those casino games or anything similar that can be flagged as inappropriate. No. These are advergames designed to engage people, and give them real deals, coupons, and offers that make it sticky and engaging for hours. This means.. continued non-stop viral traffic tsunami towards your offerings 24x7x365.

Gamification is on the rise on the Internet. And the top Global 2000 companies are already gearing up to introduce some sort of Gamification strategies into their marketing mix.

Coming back to the VEUGA philosophy…

Join the VEUGA movement today. Be a VEUGA activist before every other marketer jumps on it.

You have a prime mover advantage here, and a new way to deal with traffic. By being a VEUGA activist, you will never ever suffer from traffic deficiency syndrome because you’re leveraging traffic.

Take that first baby step, and join the VEUGA community by registering for our first advergame Spot n Win!

FREE 14 Days Trial. No Credit Card Required.