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Gamified User Demand at VEUGA

In business, for any good game element to work, it’s crucial to connect to the customer’s personal demand/goal that she brings to the platform. Otherwise, there would be no justification for giving her a challenge.

The way Spot n Win! handles this important factor by inviting its Player to develop a laser-sharp focus and cultivate mind power abilities.

It not only helps sharpen her mental abilities and reflexes for real but also makes her feel smarter, something everybody craves from within, at a deep emotional sub-conscious level.

…But it doesn’t stop there. Spot n Win! rewards its Player with unlimited surprises while she uses the platform.

By recognizing a particular brand in a challenging manner – a Player accomplishes this task and gets rewarded continuously in the form of coupons/vouchers with which the player can save money and get other exciting surprises endlessly.

Something people demand in today’s environment and that is the reason why sites like Groupon and Living Social became so successful.

So in essence, Spot n Win! not only provides a strongly compelling reason to its Player but also brings people’s saving and making money concerns to the table while providing them an opportunity to have fun and connect with other social buddies for free.

Today, people are more connected and informed than ever. So providing them with something that makes them happy and helping them get rid of personal issues is a proven formula for success, at least in current times.

Luckily, you don’t have to come up with a new Gamification platform and spend a fortune to achieve these objectives.

That has already been done for you in the smartest and most efficient manner. Capitalize on this trend by joining us as a Merchant and start thriving.

The opportunity is right here, right now.