User Metrics Gamification
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User Metrics on VEUGA

For our clients, we provide detailed marketing metrics to help them evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns.

You get FULL CONTROL via Secure Control Panel including the following real-time information and critical marketing metrics:

  • Number of logo displays
  • Click thru rate
  • Voucher redemption report
  • Voucher printing report
  • Global URL referer
  • Campaign Status
  • Statistics
  • Customer Data
  • Figures
  • Graphs
  • Coupon Control
  • Administrative control
  • Product and promotion control
Much more…

Using these metrics, you can easily track and gauge how well your promotion is doing. Based on the onscreen data and the sales conversion ratio, you can instantly and effortlessly tweak your promotions full circle.

Our patent pending Dynamic Reshuffling Technology creates infinite combinations and placements of your logo across multiple categories that drive massive exposure toward your promotion.

The traffic is generated from all of our participating brands in a cohesive and collaborative manner using their individual contribution.

…This enables our customers to drill down in detail from where the traffic is coming and how it is converting.

Since the whole idea of Spot n Win! is based on user-generated-vouchers, it stands to reason that the offers convert well, and fast.