Visual Revolution Taking Course at VEUGA
We've Stopped Listening to The Old School, Because...

Visual Revolution Has Taken Over

The visual transformation is taking its course right now as you read this.

Our revolutionary technology is about unveiling a living testament of transformation from old annoying and boring ads to the new VEUGA or “Visually Engaging USER Generated Ads”.

We coined the term VEUGA (pronounced “view-ga“) and pioneered the concept of “user-generated-ads”.

…This is such a huge jaw-dropping concept that if you know what it really means to promote your product or service on this Platform, this may give you an instant shock, or at least a shiver down the spine.

Start watching your products or affiliate links being visually and interactively promoted in every nook and cranny of cyberspace, resulting in people’s own volition to buy, because our technology is optimized for visually engaging user-generated ads that have literally no parallel.
  • Increased Attention Span
  • Unaltered Gamified Experience
  • More Receptivity
  • Instant Targeted Results
  • Integrated Model
  • Mesh Network & Collaboration

Spot n Win! challenges people to visually search for a particular brand in a wide gamut of brands. This causes people to take time enabling them to think, visualize and remember the brand message for at least a minute.

This simple one-minute exercise transfer and burn the brand message to the subconscious mind of the consumer (something that marketers crave to achieve) which is crucial in today’s over-crowded advertising world.

On Spot n Win! there are hundreds of promotions listed in assorted categories all being offered in real-time to players. This creates a huge leverage factor for Merchants by means of cross-promotion and other powerful mechanisms built into the system.

Spot n Win doesn’t come under the selfish category of those flashy advergames that big companies spend a fortune on, providing great visual experience to the user while pushing their brand, and hoping that SOMEDAY players will turn into buyers.

…That may work SOMEDAY for major corporations since they can afford to hope and wait forever, but for the rest of us, it’s probably not a good bargain.

Look around yourself. The Web has gone visual. This is the reason why sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, and the like are phenomenally successful.

Now it’s your turn to get on to the Visual Web Bandwagon. By placing your brand identity or logo on the most powerful viral marketing engaging visual interface to date, you’re on your way to making your brand a household name in days.

Say YES to the Visual Web.

The technology is here, make sure you’re part of it.

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